Havenport - The Copper Lute Inn

The Copper Lute Inn

Dunsten Gregory
Rules of the Establishment:

No damaging the musicians

No weapons allowed to be used,
for any reason

You break it, you buy it,
no matter what that thing may be
If you can’t afford to pay for damages, we have arrangements with the Manchester Slave Traders, so be warned
Serving Wench
Stella Miller
Serving Wench
Marjorie Albeth
Serving Wench
Hilda Matthews
Margret Albeth
Common Room
1 sp
2 sp
Plain Double
4 sp
Luxury Double
6 sp
Extra Luxury Double
7 sp
Group Room (sleeps four)
10 sp
King’s Suite
7 sp
15 cp
Bread and Soft Cheese
18 cp
Boiled Parsnip or Radish
22 cp
Roasted Parsnip or Radish
24 cp
Vegetable Stew
28 cp
Boiled Pork
31 cp
Roasted Pork and Bread
36 cp
Roasted Pork and Soft Cheese
40 cp

Porridge choices are Oat, Millet, Rye, or Wheat
Bread choices are Oat, Rye, and Wheat

Mug of Ale
8 cp
Mug of Mead
6 cp
Tankard of Beer
7 cp
Tankard of Bitter
8 cp
Tankard of Stout
9 cp

Note that the alcohol is a bit cheaper but also watered down

First Floor – Two Dining Areas, Kitchen
Second Floor – 1 Common Room, 5 Singles, 2 Plain Doubles, 1 Luxury Double,
1 Extra Luxury Double, 3 Group Rooms (sleeps four), 1 King’s Suite,
Innkeeper’s Residence
Note: The Copper Lute makes extensive use of bunk beds

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Havenport - The Copper Lute Inn

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