Session Notes - Session 26

Session 26
Late Morning of Blueday, September 13th to Dinner Time of Orangeday, September 15th

  • Gaming resumed at ~9:30 am in the PD where a conversation has yet to begin. Once within the PD, the two have a discussion regarding Rose and some other topics. Afterward, they both leave. Upon exiting, they see Tanithil in the practice room, who was present when they entered, and Nicole York, a servant in the household. A brief discussion occurs between Hakim and the young woman, with her being very cryptic. Once that conversation is concluded, Laurel attempts to engage her as well but without success.
  • Once the servant departs, Hakim teleports to the moonbase and Laurel returns to practicing with Tanithil (~9:50 am). This continues until lunch time.
  • Upon arriving at the moon base, Hakim checks on the level 5 diagnostic on Wilhelm. After saving the data, he unhooks Wilhelm and stuffs him in his unsecured BoH. Hakim then teleports back to the manor and places Wilhelm in his assigned bed. He then teleports to the tax office.
  • At the tax office (~10:00 am), Hakim engages David Bennett in discussion about tax credit and tax rolls. Hakim then teleports back to the manor, and then teleports to the moon base. Hakim then begins cataloguing the videos available on the moon base. He does that until lunchtime.
  • At lunchtime, Hakim and Laurel are both present, as well as Rose, Tanithil, and the Rilo segment. Various conversations ensue. During the lunchtime conversation, Rose calls Hakim both a dragon and a demon. Hakim teleports away before Rose finishes lunch. Rose absconds Laurels mirror and calls Hakim, who telepathically confirms with Laurel that the mirror call is from Rose. Hakim chooses not to answer, and Rose returns the mirror to Laurel in frustration.
  • After lunch, Hakim resumes cataloguing videos. He also places the head of the necromancer in suspended animation. He continues cataloguing until dinner time.
  • After lunch, Laurel, Rose, and Tanithil head up to the practice room. Discussion occurs and Laurel arranges with Tanithil to train Rose in self-defense and change her perception, approximately an hour a day before dinner starting with 3 hours on the 16th.
  • Once that conversation is done, Laurel uses 8 great wishes to grant Rose the spells necessary to learn spells quickly by simply touching the spellbook, 2 great wishes on granting and bolstering Thaumaturgy, and 2 great wishes to boost her IQ for Lend Skill.
  • Laurel arranges for Tanithil to meet them at the Mages’ Guild. She then follows Rose to her room, where Rose begins putting several bars of gold into Laurel’s bag (via Laurel’s golems). Discussion occurs during this process. After purring 10 bars in, Laurel teleports Rose to the Mages’ Guild, then teleports there herself. They meet in the hallway and head to the service desk amidst more discussion.
  • At the service desk, some discussion occurs and Rose joins the guild. After some further discussion, they head into the store.
  • Laurel is greeted by Zander. After some discussion, Zander helps Rose to purchase a complete set of spellbooks.
  • Once Rose pays for her books and receives her change, the group leaves the store. From the guild foyer, Laurel teleports Rose to the foyer at the manor then teleports herself there as well (~1:15 pm).
  • Once Rose’s goods are unpacked into her room, Laurel calls Albert on the mirror and arranges for more bookshelves to be moved to her room and replacements ordered. Once done, further discussion with Rose ensues regarding her learning. Afterward, Laurel leaves and arranges for more instructional time with Tanithil. The lessons continue until dinner.
  • At dinner, the usual participants are present. Various conversations ensued.
  • After dinner, Hakim goes and speaks to Albert regarding Nicole and her request. After the cryptic, carefully-worded statements from Albert, Hakim teleports to the moon base and resumes cataloguing. He remains there until morning services.
  • After dinner, Laurel and Rose go to the practice room and has a discussion. Afterward, Rose returns to her room and Laurel returns to the Mages’ Guild. Once there, Laurel arranges a liaison with Thenrey. Afterward, she returns to the manor and trains more with Tanithil until ~8:30 pm.
  • After finishing her evening training session, Laurel prepares herself for her rendezvous. Thenrey arrives as expected just after 9:00 pm. Laurel escorts him to the practice room and spends an hour showing off for him. Once done, she escorts him to her bedroom and the pair exert themselves for another two hours, leaving at ~12:00 am. He teleports home from outside the front door.

Sept. 14

  • After Thenrey’s departure, Laurel takes a bath and sleeps for the night. During her sleep, she experiences a vivd dream about the devastation.
  • At ~6:00 am, Hakim attends morning services. The after-services fanfare has died down, after the time investment of the previous day. Hakim is able to return to the manor in time for breakfast at 7:30 am.
  • At ~6:30 am, Laurel awakens as usual. After doing her morning ablutions, she heads to Rose’s room, getting the hot chocolate from Nicole, the waiting staff member (~7:00 am).
  • At Rose’s room, Laurel discovers that Rose had been up all night reading. Rose realizes that the time has flew by and it is now morning. They discuss how both were distracted and the bed time ritual was forgotten. Rose indicates that she had used Vigil when she got tired, but also indicates to Laurel that she would need a reminder. After some further brief discussion, they head to breakfast (~7:25 am).
  • Breakfast occurs, with the usual mundane conversations.
  • After breakfast, Laurel heads to the practice room with Tanithil and spends the next couple of hours training in music.
  • After breakfast, Hakim teleports to the moon base and resumes his cataloguing project. He resumes this until lunch time, returning to the manor for lunch.
  • After completing the training session (~10:00 am), Laurel checks in on Rose, finding her deeply immersed in the spellbooks. She then goes back to the practice room and they practice the Rana grand composition until lunch time.
  • At lunch time, the normal group assembles for lunch – once someone retrieved Rose from reading. It is exposed that Rose has finished the restoration of the garden.
  • After lunch, Hakim asks Albert about Sista Weir. He is informed that she was never observed leaving. Hakim confirms that she is not in the manor. He then teleports to the moon base and spends the rest of the afternoon (until dinner time) investigating the level 5 diagnostic results on Wilhelm.
  • After lunch, Laurel retreats to her room to commune with Rana. Her deity informs her that her dream was not a dream but rather a memory.
  • Hakim returns in time for dinner. After dinner, Hakim speaks with Nicole York, the servant who made a large request. He grants her request and she assures him that she will repay him very soon. She then departs. Hakim then finds Albert and a discussion ensues. Afterward, Hakim teleports to the moon base and resumes his research into vampirism.
  • ~6:30 pm, Laurel comes out of her communing trance. She calls Albert on her mirror and a discussion ensues. Afterward, she opens her PD and uses her magical pot to make herself dinner. She then cleans things up and leaves the PD. She then heads to Rose’s room.
  • Upon knocking on the door to Rose’s room, the door immediately opens. Laurel enters and finds Rose on her bed, reading a spellbook. She tells Rose that it is time for bed. Rose points out that it is only 6:30, and Laurel tells her that bed time is then in half an hour, at 7:00 pm (despite all previous bed times being 9:00 pm). Laurel leaves and immediately knocks on the door again, with the door again opening up immediately. She gives Rose praise on the garden, which seems to have negligible impact. Laurel leaves the room briefly, and after some contemplation, knocks a third time. Again, the door opens automatically. Laurel discusses resetting Rose’s bedtime back to 9:00 pm, framing it as an increase rather than conforming to prior schedules. After discussing this “change”, Laurel leaves and returns to her bedroom.
  • In her bedroom, Laurel changes into swimwear and a bathrobe, then heads down to the pool with Ithien. They swims until just before ~8:45 pm, then returning to her room and changing into loungewear. Laurel then returns to Rose’s room (~9:00 pm) and kisses her good night. Laurel then returns to her bedroom.
  • Back in her bedroom, Laurel telepathically contacts Hakim and arranges to meet in the practice room for a discussion. Hakim teleports there while Laurel walks upstairs.
  • In the practice room, Laurel opens up her PD and they enter. Once inside, they discuss Laurel’s dream of the devastation. After the lengthy discussion, they exit the PD. Hakim teleports back to the moonbase and resumes his research until morning. Laurel heads down to her bedroom.
  • In her bedroom, Laurel changes into one of her status 2 performing outfits. She then teleports to madame Tivaine’s shop. After some brief contemplation, Laurel enters the shop. She finds madame Tivaine waiting for her with tea for two poured and ready. The two discuss Laurel’s dream, during which madame Tivaine refers to Laurel as “Pam”. Afterward, Laurel leaves and teleports to the Dragon’s Maw tavern (~9:30 pm).
  • Laurel arrives at the tavern. As she is not a member of the Adventurers’ Guild, she is required to wait in line. She is allowed in after about half an hour. She discovers that the band playing is not Immortal Fever, and the band is playing very combative music. Laurel looks around and sees a couple of people that she recognizes as people that Hakim spoke to the last time they were both here. Laurel orders a drink and tries to enjoy the experience, albeit somewhat unsuccessfully. She leaves about 10:30 pm, teleporting to the Red Sails Inn.
  • Upon arriving at the inn, Laurel sits at the bar and orders “the usual”. She then gets permission to perform. She heads up to the stage and performs baudy sea shanties, much to the pleasure of the crowd. The impromptu performance escalates into an event. After the performance session is over (~11:30 pm), she carouses with the varous crews, learning stories and tales of adventure at sea. She finally departs about 1:30 am, teleporting back to the manor.

Sept. 15

  • Arriving at the manor, Laurel heads to her bedroom. Once there, she casts Clean and climbs into bed, immediately falling asleep.
  • ~6:00 am, Hakim goes to services for Rilo at the shared temple. He chats with followers after the service, teleporting back to the manor in time for breakfast.
  • ~6:30 am, Laurel wakes up, sensing that there was an obstruction to receiving another memory dream. She quickly gets ready and teleports to the shared temple to attend services (late) for Rana. She notes that while Rilo is “standing-room only”, there is plenty of seats available in the Rana section. Laurel briefly Speaks with Arryn before the second half of services resume. Afterward, she immediately teleports home.
  • ~7:00 am, Laurel arrives home and immediately goes to wake Rose. The normal routine ensues, and both head down in time for breakfast.
  • Breakfast is served (~7:30 am), with the usual, expected participants. Mundane conversations ensue. Hakim notices that his new researcher is still not present, and that Nicole York (a servant) is conspicuously absent.
  • After breakfast (~8:00 am), Laurel heads to the practice room with Tanithil and spends the next two hours training.
  • After breakfast, Hakim teleports to Vetenari’s and picks up his business suit. After some brief discussion, Hakim teleports back to the manor. He then trandforms his new suit into a replica of his mundane status 0 standard outfit. Afterward, he teleports to the moon base to resume his research until lunch.
  • After finishing the training session for the day (~10:00 am), Laurel teleports to the city hall. Once there, she speaks to the clerk about social events. The clerk speaks to the mayor, arranging a 2:00 pm meeting with Laurel to discuss the matter. Laurel then leaves and teleports back to the manor. She changes into one of her blessed Rana robes and then teleports to the shared temple. Immediately after arriving, a large group of sailors converge on the Rana temple, including seven wounded members and carrying with them a fellow crew member who is dead. Laurel heals the wounded and resurrects the dead member [Note: 20 FP and 4 HP expended]. Laurel rests thereafter, while the throng voice appreciation and speak with Arryn regarding the blessings of Rana. The rest of the morning at the shared temple is fairly uneventful.
  • At noon, Laurel teleports back to the manor for lunch, as does Hakim. Laurel changes clothes before descending for lunch.
  • At lunch, mundane conversations occur, with an awkward conversation between Laurel and Rose regarding ethics and “reforming” bad people, with each person having a different definition of “reform” playing out in their mind.
  • After lunch (~12:30 pm), Hakim invites Rose to join him for his seminar at the Merchants’ Guild. After getting permission from Laurel, Rose agrees and Hakim teleports her to outside the guildhall. Hakim then recreates his suit and teleports himself there as well. They enter the guild. * Inside the guildhall, Rose joins the Merchants’ Guild. The clerk then shows them both to the back where they are preparing for the lecture.
  • After lunch, Laurel contemplates what to do, then decides to observe the talk as well. She teleports outside of the Guild of Merchants, then enters. Inside, she joins the guild in order to observe the lecture. She enters the main seating area along with the rest of the members.
  • At 1:00 pm, Hakim’s lecture starts. He focuses on the important skills and knowledge important to running a business, referencing prominant business community members as examples. He connects those skills and training to Rilo throughout. He also references both the school, for children, and the univiersity, for adult education. The seminar goes until ~3:00 pm and is well received.
  • At just before 2:00 pm, Laurel exits the room and teleports to the town hall. She goes in, speaks to Sheila Braidthwaite, and is escorted into the mayor’s office. Speaking with the mayor, Laurel gets some ideas about aspects of her party, but does not receive the direct information that she had been hoping for. After a fairly short discussion, Laurel leaves and teleports to the Guild of Bards and Entertainers (~2:15 pm).
  • Outside of the guildhall, Laurel nearly bumps into a novice bard, who recognizes Laurel. They arrange to go for a drink at the Ivory Jester, and both teleport there. They spend some time getting to know each other better, with the young bard telling Laurel about herself and trying to learn more about Laurel. It is exposed that Laurel was her inspiration for becoming a bard. During the time, the young bard gives a 20 minute performance for Laurel. After the performance, Laurel gives some constructive critique and the spend the rest of the time talking. Once done, Laurel teleports back to the Bards’ and Entertainers’ Guild.
  • After Hakim’s seminar at the Merchants’ Guild (~3:00 pm), mingling occurs. Hakim comes to realize that the guildmasters present have a much greater understanding of economics than expected.
  • At the Bards’ and Entertainers’ Guild (~3:30 pm), Laurel gets information on the next festival day, specifically where Rana is the focus. She discovers that the nearest town to focus on Rana for the October festival day is Wroat, the capital of Breland (misspelled by the clerk when told to Laurel). Laurel then teleports to the Mages’ Guild.
  • At the Mages’ Guild (~3:45 pm), Laurel goes to the information desk and speaks to Thenrey. He directs her to the appropriate library floor for geography. Upon arriving, Laurel speaks to a librarian. After verifying her guild membership, the librarian escorts her to the section on Breland and Wroat. Laurel sets an alarm for 4:50 pm, and reads the travel guide on Wroat.
  • Once the mingling portion of the seminar is over at the Merchants’ Guild (~4:00 pm), Hakim retrieves Rose and teleports her back to the manor, teleporting there himself afterward. After a brief discussion, Rose storms off to her room. Hakim teleports back to the moon base, resuming changing his clothes back to the normal outfit. He then resumes his research project until dinner.
  • ~4:50 pm, Laurel’s alarm goes off. She puts books away then heads downstairs to the information desk. Once there, she has a brief conversation with Thenrey, saying goodbye. Laurel then teleports back to the Bards’ & Entertainers’ Guild.
  • At the Bards’ & Entertainers’ Guild, Laurel schedules a headliner performance in Wroat on October Festival. Because she expects to include Tanithil, it is deemed that a) Tanithil must be a member of the guild and b) the pair must audition to secure a headliner slot. Laurel schedules an audition for 7:00 pm on the 21st. Once done, Laurel teleports back to the manor.
  • Hakim returns to the manor in time for dinner. Unfortunately, as he arrives in his room, Hakim falls unconscious.
  • Laurel arrives at the manor at ~5:15 pm.

This is where gaming ended, with Laurel arriving at the manor late for dinner.

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Session Notes - Session 26

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