Session Notes - Session 31

Session 31
Early Morning of Violetday, September 17th to Early Morning of Violetday, September 17th

  • Gaming resumed at ~1:30 am with both characters converging on the practice room. Once there, Laurel opens her PD. The pair enters and, once inside, a lengthy conversation ensues. Once done, Laurel opens the PD and they both leave the PD into the practice room (~2:30 am).
  • Upon leaving, Laurel contacts Nicole (at the Dragon’s Maw) via the mirrors. Nicole answers after a few minutes and fields two conversations at once. After concluding the mirror conversation, she teleports to the practice room. Upon arrival, she thanks Laurel for the timely rescue and gives her a big hug. After a brief discussion, Nicole opens her PD and enters it, along with Laurel.
  • Inside Nicole’s PD, Laurel casts Time Out. Once inside the Time Out, she learns a new spell and enchants it on her watch. She also uses 136 Great Wishes to turn herself into an ancient dragon; she then enchants replacement Great Wishes. Laurel confirms to Nicole that she (Laurel) will be the one to go to the council and claim the territory. She then ends the Time Out and Nicole lets her out of the PD but remains inside herself.
  • In the practice room, Hakim and Laurel discuss plans to recover the artifact currently in commoners’ hands. After making magical preparations, the pair teleport to a clearing that Laurel had used prior to do another Time Out and do a lot more enchanting. Enchantments include putting Impression Blocker on 459 of Hakim’s items. During the Time Out, the pair are visited by Tivaine, who somehow halts time selectively within the Time Out to allow her and Laurel to speak privately. Afterward, the enchanting continues.
  • Once done, Hakim teleports to the manor then to the moon base while Laurel awaits for the return. Once entering the medbay, Hakim casts Seeker to find Sistine and determines that she is in the residential section. Going to her apartment, Hakim knocks repeatedly but gets no answer. He then teleports inside and enters Sistine’s bedroom. Once inside, he gently shakes her awake. A discussion occurs, and Hakim checks her magical rings for contamination. Once done, he returns to the clearing via the manor (~3:30 am).
  • Once Hakim returns, Laurel casts Telepathy to maintain mental communication. The Laurel then teleports (with Ethereal Body and Invisibility) to the indicated location in Three Barrel Cove, on Xen’drik. After confirming that she has moved, Hakim then also teleports to the exact same location (also with Ethereal Body and Invisibility). The pair see drunk, sleeping guards stationed outside of the building that Hakim was told housed the item. Before entering, Laurel casts Astral Vision so that they can both see each other while ethereal and invisible. Once done, they both head inside.
  • Once in the building, they divide the search area in half and both proceed to investigate. About 10 minutes in, Hakim discovers the vault that contains the statue. The vault also contains about 4 mithril bars worth of gold coins, which is completely ignored. Hakim notifies Laurel, who moves quickly to his location while he analyzes the item via magic. Hakim’s analysis confirms that the statue is indeed infused with wild magic. Hakim creates a replica statue, with a critical artistic attempt to duplicate the original statue. He then replaces the artifact with the replica on the shelf that it was sitting on.
  • Inside her head, Laurel hears “want to play?” Laurel responds mentally, but only Hakim hears her response. She then responds affirmatively out loud, to which the minotaur changes shape to smile. Hakim then puts the statue in a magical box and confirms with Laurel a place to teleport to and engage the artifact in “play.” Hakim then teleports near that location, while Laurel teleports to the specific location. They then both move down from the edge ~100 yards.
  • At the new location, both mages drop maintained spells (other than Telepathy). Hakim removes the statue from the box and sets it down. Laurel then accepts its telepathic connection and engages the artifact in a discussion. While the discussion continues, the statue also searches Laurel’s memories. Hakim casts DNA on Laurel. Laurel and the statue begin playing a variant of 20 questions, where each participant makes a statement and the other must guess whether the statement is true or false.
    • Laurel’s statement: I enjoy singing (true, guessed as true)
    • artifact’s statement: I’m made of water (false, guessed as false)
    • Laurel’s statement: I come from far away (true, guessed as true)
    • artifact’s statement: I am made of stone (false, guessed as false)
    • Laurel’s statement: I trust my friend who is with me absolutely (true, guessed as true)
    • artifact’s statement: I serve no one but only my own means and my own ends (false, guessed as false)
  • Once the last guess is made and confirmed as false, the artifact disconnects from Laurel. Hakim and Laurel continue their mental discussion. Laurel attempts a verbal discussion with the statue, as well as Telepathy, but there is no response. Hakim places the statue back in his magical box. Laurel casts Telepathy to speak to Tivaine – which is somehow secured against anyone else hearing (including existing telepathic connections). After a brief discussion, Laurel ends the mental communication with Tivaine. Laurel and Hakim then arrange to go to the necromancer’s trap where the altars still remain. They both teleport with untraceable teleports (~4:30 am).
  • Arriving where expected, they see the altars. Working together, they spend ~5 minutes restoring mana to the areas with the altars. Once done, Hakim casts Hakim’s Images of the Past, which confirms that nothing has changed since their last visit. Hakim also gets a better understanding of the blood rituals performed, as dark magic serving the spell and spellcaster, and not a deity or other entity. Laurel attempts to telepathically contact Tivaine and connects, but upon mentioning that Hakim is trying to learn something, the connection is dropped. Tivaine suddenly appears next to Laurel and joins the conversation. After some discussion, Laurel considers the idea of changing their shape to destroy their magic and then proceed to disintegrate them both (~4:45 am).

This is where gaming ended for the evening, at the trap with Laurel contemplating Hakim’s suggestion and both altars still intact (~4:45 am).

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Session Notes - Session 31

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