Kate Session 2

Player Entry for Session 2

In General:

  • I thought the drawing of cards and the random dream sequences were very unique and intriguing.
  • After just five hours of sleep Ruben got annoyed that his ride did not show up, even though she did fifteen or so minutes later, and he went off to do his own thing. Serious? Five hours of sleep and he was annoyed his “ride” did not show up? What world does Ruben live in? Skyler expected to get yelled at for being so early, as she did from both Alice and Isabelle when she awoke them in alarm. Ruben seems to be from a completely different world (I mean that mentally). There was only one place in the entire city any of the group knew to contact him and he just walked off…
  • The “was to be secret” dialog and agreement between Alice and Skyler I thought was quite beneficial.
  • The session with the Sear was interesting. Player found it more interesting than Character. Skyler found it as much affirmation of what she already knew. I tried to RP this appropriately and Scott RPed Ruben appropriately with comments that just made Skyler smile. Actually every time I felt Skyler waver Ruben would make a comment which would renew her confidence with more force. I actually feel I may need to taker Fanaticism (self) at this point.


  • I did not get the opportunity last session to use my Wild Talent to acquire the spells: No Shadow and No Reflection. Which are required for me to somehow figure out how to create a Create Reflection Spell. I bring this up because I feel that it is only appropriate to use Wild Talent for something you are appropriately trying to do. I did not feel like I was doing anything to justify the use to get these spells suddenly in the last one minute of gaming so it is my loss.

Kate Session 2

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