Character Creation

Character creation rules are simple, however character creation will occur in three phases.

Phase 1

Phase two instructions will occur once both phase 1 characters are complete, submitted to the GM, and have complete GM approval.

Character Creation – Mechanics

  • Phase 1 is 300 points max, though not all points need be spent at this time.
  • Social ads and disads (allies, dependents, enemies, etc.) that are tied to the setting are permissible, but they may be lost in transition. This means points may be refunded or taken when transitioning to phase 2, as the case may be.
  • Wealth is up to you, but effective phase 1 wealth will be determined by the value of what transitions with you. Be sure to be explicit in equipment that you would have with you at a gaming convention (specifically NorWesCon 2013), and include the price of each item. Please include anything at the convention center (including in your hotel room), although not including any vehicle or its contents. Yes, your equipment list will matter.

Character Creation – Backstory

These guidelines ARE IMPORTANT! Take them to heart and follow the spirit of them rather than just the letter, as was done in the Technomancer campaign.

  • Modern day setting. Going to go with late March of 2013.
  • College age (18-22-ish); actual college attendance is up to you.
  • No profession yet, no military affiliation, and no experience with any combat-oriented hobbies (hunting, martial arts, anything).
  • Gamer. Real gamer, none of this faux gamer nonsense like before (again, see Technomancer campaign). Point in fact, both PC’s have full weekend passes to the 2013 NorWesCon. This is plot-required. You can be from anywhere, even outside of the U.S., but you have to be able to get to SeaTac and must have native-level English (whether or not it is your native tongue is up to you).
  • Assume you will get to experience the entire convention, including purchasing any souvenirs, gaming books or supplies, autographed pictures, what-have-you.

Useful NorWesCon Links:

Important Attendees:

  • Writer Guest of Honor: Catharine Asaro
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Lee Moyer
  • Science Guest of Honor: Edward Tenner
  • Special Guest of Honor: Gardner Dozois
  • Norwescon Grand Master: Terry Brooks
  • Spotlight Publisher: Baen (Tony Daniel, representative)

Phase 2

Phase 2 involves the preliminary game session covering NorWesCon and selecting your character’s character for the highlight RPG game.

Character Creation – Mechanics

  • Need to pick a race and a “profession”. Races are viewable here on the wiki and profession overviews are viewable below (please read each one thoroughly).
  • Up to two professions may be taken, but no more than two professions.

Character Creation – Backstory

Preliminary gameplay will be RP covering the convention. This will include the special RPG session where the character’s characters are chosen and displayed to the rest of the group.

Character Professions

Character professions can be found here.

Phase 3

The rules for phase 3 are simple.

Character Creation – Mechanics

  • Your previous characters will be modified and returned, with non-applicable elements removed and profession templates added. Remaining elements (traits and skills) may not be reduced.
  • Need to complete the character to 600 points.
  • With the exception of the Android, all characters must be created using the High Fantasy GDF.
  • Limitations of professions must be adhered to.
  • No more than two talents may be taken.
  • Wealth is capped at Wealthy (temporary or regular) unless specified otherwise in the profession.
  • Social advantages and disadvantages are limited to only options indicated in the profession. This includes reputations. The characters are injected into the temporal stream and have no previous existence. Any association, therefore, requires magical fabrication.
  • In the same vein as above, only two professions may start with an associated locale (although where those locales are will need to be discovered). These locales are represented in equipment through the “unknown key” item.
  • The following abilities are limited to profession-only: 3D Spatial Sense, Animal Empathy, Gadgeteer, Heroic Archer, Independent Income, Permeation, Plant Empathy, Talent: Master Assassin, Talent: Master Thief, Trained by a Master, Weapon Master, Wild Talent
  • Any Exotic or Supernatural ability not on the list above requires GM approval
  • Skills that relate specifically to the setting (like Geography, History, Area Knowledge, etc.) are limited to professions indicating as much. This also applies to Hidden Lore skills.
  • All characters start with one free magic item, as determined by the GM. Vampire will set a limitation while Noble will grant an additional item. Anything beyond this requires purchasing magic through starting wealth.

Character Creation

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