Isabelle Marie Morgan

Notable & Obvious Advantages

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Cultural Familiarity: American (Welsh heritage, but generations ago the Morgan clan, who moved to Scotland, got kicked out of Scotland for fighting with their neighbors and came to the “New World”)
  • Attractive
  • Fit

Other notable positive traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Acute taste and smell
  • Charisma
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Empathy (Human and Animal)
  • Flexibility
  • Language (English, French)
  • Lighting Calculator
  • Perfect Balance
  • Voice

Notable & Obvious Disadvantages:

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Compulsive Behavior (doodle/fidgit)
  • Celtic Tattoo on left hip
  • Odious Personal Habit (Plays with ring)

Other notable negative traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Broad-Mind
  • Charitable
  • Compulsive Behavior
  • Curious
  • Hates Extreme Competition
  • Honesty
  • Interested in old lore
  • Likes animals
  • Pacifism
  • Sense of Duty
  • Shyness
  • Slow Eater
  • Stubbornness

Primary Features:

  • Birth date: 18 March 1992
  • Birth place: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Distinguishing Features: Glasses
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown with flecks of Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Height: 5’ 6"
  • Location Of Current Residence: Seattle, Wa
  • Profession: College Student / Lab Techncian / Zoo Volunteer
  • Skin Color: Caucasian


Isabelle Marie Morgan was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on March 18th, 1992 to proud, yet slightly anxious parents, as new parents are prone to be.

Isabelle’s mother, Marilyn Marie Morgan, goes by Marie, since she detests her first name and its association with a well-known overly sexualized, bimbo of a woman, at least this is the story Isabelle was always told by her mother. As far as Isabelle knew, Marie had always been very career driven, and that never changed. She graduated early from highschool, entering college after her junior year and graduated from college with a double major in chemistry and biology from Cornell University. She then went on to get a PhD in virology from Harvard University, a post-doc at University of North Carolina, and then settled into a job working both for WHO and NOAA, one of the youngest principle scientists to hold duel positions. Isabelle doesn’t remember a time when her mother hasn’t been involved in 5 or 6 projects at a time. As far as Isabelle can imagine, her mother worked up until her water broke, gave birth to Isabelle, and then went back to work. Well, that’s not completely fair to say, but it has always felt that way to Isabelle. She loves her mother, but the pressure to succeed came into the world with her, and its name was Marie.

Nathaniel James Morgan, Isabelle’s father, went by James, but not for such “noble” reasons as her mother, but because he found it more professional and felt like “Nate” was his younger self. James was also a scientist, working his way through school, and ending up as a biology professor at the University of North Carolina, after getting his PhD from Standford University. It was at the University of North Carolina that the two young lovebirds met, got married, and after 2 years had Isabelle. But as reality is from time to time, their little family was not to last. Isabelle’s parents got a divorce when she was 7 years old, old enough to know what was going on, even what wasn’t being told to her, yet not old enough to accept the transition without blaming herself for it. Looking back now Isabelle remembers the fights her parents had, and maybe the divorce really was because they grew apart. Her parents priorities changed, well, her father’s at least. His family became his focus, wanting more children and for Marie to be around more for Isabelle, whereas for Marie, it was still always her work. Oddly enough, when Marie got a new job in Seattle when Isabelle was 10 years old, it was with her that Isabelle was sent. And so it was, Isabelle grew up spending the summers with her father, and then eventually his new wife, and their two girls, now 4 and 6 years old, while living her life in Seattle, Wa. So Isabelle spent many copacetic years trying to make her mother happy, and yet still being able to be a kid with her father. However, as she got older, she went through a rebellious phase when she was 16 years old. She hated the pressure that her mother put on her. She hung out with all the “wrong” people, did all the “wrong” things, and kept all the “wrong” hours. But even now, she appreciates the skills she learned during that time, like lock-picking, pick-pocketing, and forgery, the people that she met, like who to get the good drugs from at a good price and her current two “besties”, and the experiences she had, including dancing at all the great clubs around Seattle with her fake ID and getting her celtic knot tattoo on her left hip, even if it meant her dancing at a sketchy place for the money. Of course, none of this does she ever plan to tell her mother. Fortunately though, as she got older, she started to understand her mother more, appreciating the way her mother really did show her love for her, yet also accepting her mother’s own limitations. And so she now has two families that she loves, her east coast one and her west coast one.

Isabelle is currently a budding University of Washington student, with a major in Biology and a minor in Ancient History. She knows she likes ancient history more, but her mother would not have it. She would not let her daughter get into a dead-end career with no financial security, where she would be forced to teach students who don’t really care about the material and would inevitably lead to Isabelle’s lifelong misery. Her mother doesn’t like teaching much, obviously. However, Isabelle really likes biology too, so as long as she gets to do both, she is happy. Also, she has been “working” in her mother or father’s labs since she was a kid, so biology comes easier to her. She works in her mother’s lab now and gets paid for it, which is good for her resume as well as her wallet. Isabelle also loves nature and has a passion for conservation of land and animals. She has volunteered at zoos since she was little and now volunteers every weekend at the Woodland Park Zoo, where she teaches other people about why they should care too, giving talks, tours, and animal handling demos, which makes her grateful for those hideous debate club competitions. Thanks to her mother for “encouraging” her participation, Isabelle has never suffered from the dread that many of her fellow students have when public speaking.

Overall, Isabelle’s childhood was challenging, but also good and she had some skills that helped get her through too. She started gymnastics and dance when she was 4 years old, and has been doing both ever since. And being around her mother, not surprisingly perhaps, she does have a competitive edge, though she doesn’t like to admit it much. And she loves to dance. The connection her soul has to the music and movement is irreplaceable. However, she also gained her arch enemy from competitions, Christy. Christy Simmons is the daughter of one of her fathers fellow professors and they essentially played together regularly as kids. And as such, they also ended up in the same school and dance and gymnastics classes. Unfortunately for social Isabelle, although Christy shined when it came to popularity and good looks, she didn’t come close to having Isabelle’s grades or her dancing and gymnastic skills. Christy always felt entitled to be better at everything then Isabelle, and when found lacking, she turned on Isabelle, taking most of her classmates with her. Thus, Isabelle learned to deal with bullies at a young age too, finding some good friends that would stand by her, and just ignoring the rest. But her intelligence, coming from both her parents genes, turned out to be quite a blessing, particularly her mother’s eidetic memory, and Isabelle believed in the importance of school and challenging her mind. She loved school and reading, and even through her rebellious phase, she always kept her grades up. As an only child with a workaholic mother, she got used to spending time alone, as well as cooking her own meals at an early age, but she didn’t mind too much. Curling up with a good book would get her through, even better if it was raining. Oh, and add to that her faithful cat Sassy, who of course, as a typical cat would grace Isabelle with her present, would make the evening complete. So she didn’t mind living in Seattle, even though her friends in NC would always ask about the suicide and depression rates. But her close friends in Seattle understand.

When she was going through her rebellious phase, she also got lucky to make two really good friends, who also had challenging childhoods, but were loyal beyond question. The three of them got into a lot of trouble, but also had a lot of fun and in the end they were each others mini family. There was only one world that her two friends didn’t know about, that being her biggest secret, a world that she found she really liked, and one that she got into during her less then PC dancing career. But aside from that, they know everything about her. They also brought her into the world of gaming which she loves. Strategy games are her favorite, as she is always looking for new ways to challenge her much appreciated brain. But her friends have also gotten her hooked on role playing games, like Vampire Masquerade, and on occasion a good video game, like Portal, as well. And this year, with her “besties”, she is attending, for the first time, Nor-Wes Con. They are even making an outfit for her, and although she wouldn’t admit it to most, she is very excited about getting to be a new person, play a cool character, and be around others where she is accepted in this format.

And so it begins …


Isabelle Marie Morgan

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