New Spells

Please note that any new spells should also be displayed on the page for their appropriate college. This page is provided simply for an easier means to find newly created spells.

Delivered Deathtouch
Difficulty: IQ/H
Type: Regular
Cost to cast: 2 per
Cost to maintain: NA
Time to cast: 1 sec
Duration: 1 min
Prerequisites: Deathtouch
Energy Cost: 2,500
Item: Ranged weapon (MO)
Materials: NA
The caster must fire a ranged weapon to trigger this spell; hit location is irrelevant. The subject takes 1d damage per two points of energy in the spell. Armor does not protect, but it can be blocked as well as dodged. This spell does affect the undead.

This is essentially Deathtouch with the following modifiers: Ranged, +40% (B 107); Increased 1/2D Range, x10, +15% (B 106); Accurate 2, +10% (B 102); Trigger, ranged weapon, -10% (B 115); Blockable, -5% (P 110); Increased Cost, x2, -50% (
Weapon stats: Acc is 5, Range is 100/100, RoF is 1, Shots is N/A.

Difficulty: IQ/H
Type: Regular, Resisted by HT
Cost to cast: 7
Cost to maintain: 4
Time to cast: 2 sec
Duration: 1 min
Prerequisites: Magery 2 and Steelwraith
Energy Cost: 1,200
Item: Wand, staff, or jewelry (MO)
Materials: NA
Renders the subject intangible to the touch of organic, living matter. People may pass through subject, but their apparel and carried objects do not . . .

A weapon may be enchanted with this spell to avoid living matter. This is appropriate if you are looking to destroy armor, weapons, or other material but not harm any living beings. Energy cost to create: 250 per pound of weight (minimum 1 pound).

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New Spells

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