NorWesCon Recap

30 March, 2013

What an action packed week this has been! The west coast of the US is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse views in the country. Rose and I decided to skip right past LA proper even though Maxxie wanted to see Hollywood Boulevard. We did stop at Venice Beach to see some of the interesting art there. We met a group of skater kids who kept flirting with Rose. That drove Maxxie absolutely mad, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

San Francisco was really nice. I loved the park by the Golden Gate Bridge. It is much more massive than any of the bridges in London! One evening just north of San Francisco I went out to take a photograph of the ocean. When I came back I saw much more of Maxxie than I ever wanted to see. Honestly, how can someone’s bottom be so pale? More to the point, can’t they keep their hands off one another for one bloody week? It isn’t as though its the first time. Usually I just find another way to entertain myself for twenty minutes or so, ten if they haven’t seen one another in a while. Without the luxury of WiFi I had to make do with what I have. I played through the entirety of Portal before I came back to the car.

Portland is a weird city! That is all.

Once we finally made it to the Con it was late Wednesday night. We were all just grateful to be in a proper bed for once. All of the hotels were completely booked, so we are sharing a room with two queen beds. Its quite nice actually.

NorWesCon 2013!

Being my first convention, I had no idea what to expect and I can tell you that I was not at all disappointed. There is so much happening all day. How is anyone supposed to see it all? To save on time, here is a quick recap of the highlights of my days so far.

Day 1 – Fab Looks for Fluffy Girls. A costuming workshop, how could I miss it? I had to leave right away to be able to make Dissecting the Forensic Sciences. A lot of it was common sense to anyone with any basic knowledge of criminology, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I ended up leaving it a bit early to attend a much more interesting panel on Steampunk. Anyone who knows me will know that I love me some steampunk! I was planning on calling it a night until a nice young man complimented my Night Elf outfit. He told me about an Elvish writing workshop that I must attend. It was super interesting. I had never thought to try and learn elvish as a proper language. What fun! Afterwards the boy (he was called Michael) played Magic with Rose and I. I think female gamers are still a novelty to a lot of people. I don’t know what Maxxie was doing. Getting into trouble no doubt.

Day 2 – Lots of writing discussions! First there was Using Natural Minerals in Costuming, which was absolutely brilliant. There are some really talented people here. The Writing What You Don’t Know workshop was great. It basically talked about writing things are unknowable and don’t occur in every day life, dragons and vampires and such. We took a break for lunch and general carousing until around 4 when I had to catch the Character Arc discussion. There was even a talk later about the language

behind Game of Thrones. Who would have thought that Dothraki was so complicated? I decided to enter the costume contest Friday night and guess what? I WON! Bloody right I did. I want to be modest, but at the same time I want to just yell BOOM! HEADSHOT! There was an odd girl there that looked like a dead person. Everyone seemed to like her, but I guess in the end it came down to the work put into the costume.

Day 3 – Saturday started off with a great discussion on Rogues and Anti-Heroes. I love a good rogue! But hey, what girl doesn’t? It would be terribly exciting I think to be a rogue IRL. Traveling the world with nothing but a blade and a head full of skill. Would be awfully tough to make your own way like that. Later in the day there was Victorian Elegance. I love that whole era. It was so romantic! One thing I have noticed at NorWesCon is that Polyamory seems to be a really popular thing in Seattle. There have been at least three workshops on Polyamory that I’ve seen and passed up. The culture around it is fascinating, but I don’t think it is really for me.

Oh and I won something! Apparently Wil Wheaton is here and yours truly has won a seat at a super rare tabletop gaming opportunity. I don’t have much experience with tabletop roleplaying, but how different can it be from playing an MMO? And besides, its WIL FREAKING WHEATON! Rose and Maxxie are both super jealous. What Maxxie doesn’t know is that I have had a crush on Wil Wheaton since I was 16. I wonder if I will need some dice or anything for this? Do I need to create a character? I’m sure I can come up with something on the fly and if not, I’ll just embarrass myself in front of Wil Wheaton. No pressure, yeah?

NorWesCon Recap

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