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The Party

Player: Ruben Cortes
Cortez was a toymaker’s son with a gift for creativity. His father was destroyed by a Vampire. Now he has been turned by the very same creature. But being embraced gave Cortez the ability to avenge his father, and move on peacefully. He travels now to other kingdoms in distress to help where he can.
Player: Skyler Hines
Miranda a powerful wizard and elf, was embraced as a vampire 223 years ago and wanders the world using her magic to be a good vampire.
Player: Alice Finch
Belonging to neither humanity nor elf kind, Zyria Firae has made her home in the shadows. She uses her skills with a blade and knowledge in the art of Thanatology to deal the killing blow…when the price is right.

NorWesCon Gamers

Player: Emily
Alice was born in Bristol, England but is currently studying Oceanography at UC San Diego. Driven by the memory of her father, Alice is highly intelligent and desperate to explore the world.
Player: Krissy
Player: Scott
Ruben is an exchange student from Madrid Spain studying Political Science at the University of Arizona and part of a Vampire Dark Ages Larp group. He is a big dreamer trying to outrun family reputation and find an identity of his own.
Player: Kate
Skyler is a very intelligent young woman that enjoys to dream of living in a mythical world and has a difficult time relating to our over populated self-destructive world and yearns for something else.

People - PCs

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