Player Journal Guidelines

The player journals are different from character journals and should be from the player’s perspective and not their characters.

Things appropriate for Player Journals:

  • General comments to the GM about new things that have been introduced. Example: The introduction of a compelling idea or approach, or how something seemed to work out poorly for the story.
  • Notes on interactions between characters and the result of such interactions. However if it is a rant then see below. Example: A player’s concern regarding information regarding some element that had not yet been shared with the rest of the party by the end of the session, due to timing or other factors.
  • Interactions with various NPCs and the players’ thought on such. Example: Out-of-character thoughts and reasoning regarding a major NPC and some conjecture about them.
  • Feedback on the session both positive and negative as long as it does not become a rant. If negative then think constructive criticism. It is important to note that this is primarily for the session and not about other players or how they are playing their characters. Concerns such as these should be expressed through private emails between the two players (CC’ing the GM is optional). It is important to remember that the wiki is a) publicly accessible (and is read by people outside of the group) and b) archived for long retention. This means that it is really not the place to air dirty laundry.
  • Desires for character direction. This helps others (especially the GM) in knowing how to direct things to help facilitate growth opportunities.
  • Any other planning elements. Example: the specific desire to explore a particular location would be good for advance warning so that the GM can, if possible, plan for the event. People have expressed appreciation at having maps readily available, and knowing in advance which locations will be accessed will help ensure that the right maps are done ahead of time (if possible).

Things inappropriate for Player Journals:

  • Generic rants about anything. These journals should have specific and quantifiable statements and objectives. See above on airing dirty laundry publicly. That said, Character Journals are where such rants are allowed as they are the characters’ views.
  • Things specifically for the GM such as fatigue cost or other logistics and administration elements. Example: if a character is owed a Serendipity from a missed session, due the PC from an advantage, this should be tracked independetly rather than tallied in the journal or tracked through a wiki means that does not serve that purpose.
  • Spending character points. This should be done privately to the GM in email.
  • Spending wiki points. Like character points, this should be done privately to the GM in email.
  • Responses to GM emails. While occasionally the results of an email thread should make its way to the wiki for publication (and archival for future reference), ongoing discussions should remain the jurisdiction of email.

Player Journal Guidelines

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