Natural Race
Cost: -2

























Ground Move


Air Move

Advantages & Perks:

Racial Acute Hearing 2
Racial Acute Taste and Smell 1
Racial Fearlessness 2
Racial Night Vision 4
Resistant (Diseases, +3 to HT rolls)

Disadvantages & Quirks:

Bad Temper (12 or less)
Bully (Q)
Chauvinistic (Q)
Intolerance (Elves and Dwarves)
Racial Appearance (Unattractive, Universal)
Reputation (Uncivilized heathens) 2
Social Stigma (Goblinoid)

Orcs look like a primitive human with green skin and coarse hair all over its body. It has a stooped posture, low forehead, and a pig-like face with with small eyes and broad mouths dominated by prominent lower canines that resemble a boar’s tusks. Orcs are aggressive, brutal, and treacherous humanoids that raid, pillage, and battle other creatures. Most orcs are violent and respect only force; whether living as primitive savages or disciplined legionaries, the strongest and most ruthless among them will usually lead. They enjoy revelry, the spoils of war, and dominating those weaker than themselves. They have a hatred of elves and dwarves that began generations ago, and often kill such creatures on sight. An orc’s hair is usually black. It has lupine ears and reddish eyes. Orcs prefer wearing vivid colors that many humans would consider unpleasant, such as blood red, mustard yellow, yellow-green, and deep purple. Their equipment is dirty and unkempt. An adult male orc is a little over 6 feet tall and weighs about 210 pounds. Females are slightly smaller. When not actually fighting other creatures, orcs are usually planning raids or practicing their fighting skills. Orcs are often proficient with several common weapons, preferring those that cause the most damage in the least time. Most orcs enjoy attacking from concealment and setting ambushes, and they obey the rules of war (such as honoring a truce) only as long as it is convenient for them. Orcs believe that to survive, they must conquer as much territory as possible, which puts them at odds with all intelligent creatures that live near them. They are constantly at war or preparing to go to war with other humanoids, including other orc tribes. They can ally with other humanoids for a time but quickly rebel if not commanded by orcs. Their deities teach them that all other beings are inferior and that all worldly goods rightfully belong to the orcs, having been stolen by the others. Orc spell casters are ambitious, and rivalries between them and warrior leaders sometimes tear a tribe apart. Orc society is patriarchal. Females are prized possessions at best and chattel at worst. Male orcs pride themselves on the number of females they own and male children they sire, as well as their battle prowess, wealth, and amount of territory. They wear their battle scars proudly and ritually scar themselves to mark significant achievements and turning points in their lives. An orc lair may be a cave, a series of wooden huts, a fort, or even a large city built above and below ground. A tribe includes females (as many as there are males), young (half as many as there are females), and slaves (about one for every ten males).



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