Ruben Cortez log entry 84

(Ruben got is idea of journal keeping watching Star Trek episodes on hulu. He is not a trekkie and didn’t want the association so he simply starts each idea with “log entry” instead of “Stardate” But he has been keeping them sequentially since starting school. He does not write everyday which is why this many years into his college career he is only up to 84. He tends to paraphrase several days together as one entry unless the events are extremely significant.)

Log entry 84

NorWesCon was almost all I could have hoped. I did meet the fair Alisa Gray but alas it did not lead to that dream encounter. The fantasy still remains but she was pleasant none the less and the experiences were well worth the trip.

Two days of travel by road site seeing all the way. Four days and nights here in Seattle. What a lovely city and the weather is so much cooler here. A little too cold for me honestly but the sights were amazing outside the Con, inside the con there were unbelievable. We met some of the local Larp scene folk. One girl even tossed her hat into the costume contest. She didn’t win but we all voted for her anyway, go with the clan.

Alisa was on a variety of panels, I attended a different one each day. She is quite amazing, not only her gamers mind but she’s got the looks that make it a fantasy and they were all interesting topics, BONUS! On Thursday it was ‘The Paranormal as Metaphor’, on Friday it was ‘Why Do Girls Love Villains?’ Saturday was ‘The Limits of Urban Fantasy’ and Sunday wrapped up with ‘Viking Tech’! How cool is that? The best parts of history meets the gaming world. It gave me some new ideas for our Larp.

It was not an unsuccessful social experience either, I did get to talk with Alisa quite a bit and I met a girl in the room parties, all in all it was a great weekend. I did some bopper fighting, I hate swords! Useless and lacking of character in any respect. Needless to say I didn’t win but the try was fun anyway. We did a large Larp in the hotel Thursday nights that lead up to the massive room parties that was incredible. The poor hotel guests who were not here for the con, they must have thought Martians had invaded reality right after escaping the looney bin! I feel for them a little, con goers can be a strange breed. Yes myself included though I tried to reign myself in around the normal folk. I looked at a lot of great souvenir ideas but in the end my money went to food, games and waiting in line to have my gaming books autographed. Yes by Alisa, ok so I have issues. I didn’t hurt anybody and a guy can dream right?

Tomorrow will begin the journey back to school. Not without some more sights along the way of course, we might even spend a night in Vegas, which would be cool. It is so much closer, you’d think I would have been there from Tucson by now but nope I made it all the way to Seattle first. The United States is huge! That’s all for now.

Ruben Cortez log entry 84

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