(Skyler writes in a hand written journal of letters to her older brother. Note that Skyler’s brother died a bit over two years ago due to a drunk driver.)

Dear bro,

        I have been enjoying the convention immensely! I am so used to most people looking at me like I am a freak; then again I do try to promote it so I guess I should not say anything. But here at this con people look to me practically as a goddess! It has been so wonderful that I wish it would never end. I competed in a costume contest which required acting and should have been a finalist however the judges felt my style of outfit was overdone and I did not have an expensive elaborate enough dress. The crowd loved me and that is what was awesome!

        I must confess to being in a euphoric high most of this time and done many things I never would normally. I would elaborate but that would be inappropriate even for me blush.

        I have played many table-top RPGs and some larps. I have gotten virtually no sleep even for me but today is the last day of the con which makes me sad that it is nearly over. I do not know what is in store for me today but I do hope it continues the excitement of this great event!

        My Dearest brother I still miss you so much and I wish we could have enjoyed this conference together. I still remember all the stories about your experiences on such adventures. I still miss you so much. Now I am going to wipe away these tears, put on my makeup and have a great day in your honor.

♥ Much Love! ♥
-Your lil sis


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