The Start To a Wonderful Day

My dearest Brother,

The most wonderful thing happened today! A fantasy come true in fact. I awoke to having become one of my own characters! An Elven vampiric wizard to be precise and it is so amazing and wonderful. I even have real extendable fangs now! I have not used them yet but I am very eager to when the opportunity presents itself. I would never on someone unwilling, I hope, but. I am unwilling to finish that thought at the moment.

Anyways, I traveled to this new world/dimension/plane of existence/ reality with a few others which were at the Con. I cannot say that we really get along. Well duh, you know what a misfit I am. But I was really hoping that others that had been through such an experience as myself would have a stronger bond. Clearly we were all brought here to be heroes and champions to this new world. It is like that computer game you used to play, Champions of…, I forget the exact title at the moment. But you get where I am going right? I was brought here, changed into something wondrous to be a true heroic champion for good!

This is so awesome!

I do have to confess that my fellow companions which traveled with me, a third of which did not make it and were clearly not real hero potential, do not seem to share my glee or even acceptance of this new reality. Some seem quite resistant in fact. They frustrate me. Here we have been given the opportunity to change a world for the better and all Ruben does is freak out, proclaim he is not a vampire when we all know he is, then he yelled at me! Serious? Just accept what you are!

The two mortals are far more accepting. I just wrote mortals. The sound of their hearts beating with my jacked up senses makes it very clear to me. I should not call them that though as it just seems wrong. They are my companions and I hope my friends. I do hope they will learn to accept me and love me as I wish to do with them.

Brother, there is still pain in me over your loss. I wish I believed in some benevolent being like you did but I just cannot. I woke up today with an alter next to me and I just smiled and took its offerings. I did not care. Good, Evil, something in-between. I didn’t care. If I had thought more about it I would have raised my middle finger to the sky as I emptied the alter.

Sorry for being such a bitch tonight bro. It all started off so wonderfully before everyone in the group totally freaked out. They have no idea the blessing we have been given. We have our first quest which is to stop a murderous vampire! The rest of the group decided to go to bed and sleep on it. I am so disgusted! Hello, we are supposed to be heroes here!

I have decided to either go and try and track down this vampire myself or… Well you know how pathetic I am so that would be rather stupid of me. SO I may just go and indulge in satisfying one of my bucket list fetishes.

Wish me luck either way!

You always loving Sis,

The Start To a Wonderful Day

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