Zyria Firae

Notable & Obvious Advantages

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Fashion Sense
  • Very Fit
  • Racial Appearance (Attractive)
  • Empathy
  • Perfect Balance

Other notable positive traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Ambidexterity
  • Cultural Adaptability
  • Language (Elven)
  • Language (Ancient Elven)
  • Fearlessness 2
  • Language Talent
  • Photographic Memory
  • Racial Night Vision 3
  • Weapon Master (All)
  • Keeps her promises
  • Loves to travel

Notable & Obvious Disadvantages:

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Code of Honor (Elven, live with elegance and style)
  • Impulsiveness
  • Curious
  • Social Stigma (Outcast)

Behavior Traits:

  • Stubbornness
  • Selfless
  • Pacifism (reluctant killer)
  • Bloodlust

Other notable negative traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Wierdness Magnet
  • Xenophilia

Primary Features:

  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5’7"
  • Weight: 130
  • Race: Half-elf
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Green


Zyria, an elvish name meaning Ivory Hunter, is so called as the last parting request of her father, a silver haired elven ranger who was seduced by a young human woman called Melody. After Zyria was born, her father returned to his tribe leaving Melody to raise her newborn child among the humans.

Years into her life it became apparent to anyone who had ever seen an elf that Zyria was not entirely human. As a result she was looked upon with reluctance by her peers and flat mistrust by some of her elders. Only her mother ever treated her like she belonged.

When she was old enough to leave the house (and with the consent of her mother), she set out on a journey to find her father. After years of searching she was able to follow a lead directly to her father’s tribe. Her father, though aware of the stigma it would cause, welcomed her as kin despite the warnings and cautions of his elven brethren. It was in the following years that she was trained by the elven weapons master, Kylie. She was taught to use any type of blade she could get her hands on, but took quite a liking for knives. They were easily hidden, fast, and deadly in the right hands.

Zyria was looked upon with suspicion by the elven tribe, much like the humans to whom she was born. It became clear that neither world would ever become a home to her. After some soul searching, she found she felt safest among the shadows. She also found that the world is a malicious place and people would pay good money to avoid doing their own dirty work. Zyria became an expert in the arts of death and a very successful assassin. It was then that she took on the surname Firae, an elven name meaning ‘Dark Whisper’.


Zyria Firae

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